Admin Rules


Administrator Rules:
1. It is forbidden to create your own rules!?

2. It is forbidden to SLAP yourself!!!?

3. It is prohibited to use: Kick, Slay, Slap without reason!?

4. It is forbidden to use ancillary programs such as (purpose, wh, etc.)!?

5. It is forbidden to change the map using voting support within 20 minutes from the last map changed?

6.It is forbidden to change map without voting!?

7. It is forbidden to vote for the offended people!?

8. Advertising of web pages, services, servers, etc. is prohibited!?

9-First of all, admin meaning it’s to protect the server and control the players, do not put your personal problems inside the server, got problem with someone sort it out  outside the server, don’t sort it inside the server!?

10-If some admin is acting stupid, talk to him politely without showing any authority as a friend first. If that person is still being unruly, then make a pms to me “Nizami” about it, and if you got proof like demo it will be awesome and I will decide after it!?

11-If any admin is accused for cheating please record their demo and send it to me “Nizami!?

12- all admins must follow the rules if there is any admin cross the line text Nizami!?

13-the fair punishment for that admin it will be remove his admin for whole week, if he done it again, it will goes for month then for 2 then he will be remaining as a vip!?


>Ban period:Insults, Cursing  – 10 to 60 minutes!?

>Spam – 60 to 1400 minutes!?

> Cheating (wh/speedhack/aim) – Permanent!?

>Camp 10 to 20 minutes!?


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